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With more than a decade of experience in publishing, Jeanne has edited hundreds of works of fiction and nonfiction for authors ranging from New York Times bestselling authors and Amazon top-earning indie authors to aspiring writers just starting out. Jeanne has an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Notre Dame, teaches the craft of writing and editing, and is thrilled to help talented authors find their happy-ever-afters--with readers.

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Editorial Team

Elizabeth earned her MFA in fiction writing from the University of Memphis in 2013 and has worked as a writer, editor, and indexer ever since. She has previously worked as editor-in-chief at a publishing-services company, and now enjoys editing mainly romance and women's fiction. Also a published author, she lives on the Oregon coast with her two cats and a mountain of books that will probably prove quite dangerous when the big earthquake hits.

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Editorial Team

Emily is a proponent of patience, kindness, and bright red lipstick. She has published fiction under a pen name, and as a writer-slash-editor, she understands how vital it is to nurture every stage of a project with compassion.

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Through Rachel's background as a librarian, a writer, and a voracious reader, she understands that devotion to books, much like true love, never dies. Rachel uses this sacred knowledge to help Pink Sand create a vibrant and fun community around the thing we all love best: reading wonderful stories.

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Lori has worked as a freelance creative professional for the past six years specializing in production management, page layout, and e-book creation. Her CV includes more than 200 published projects.

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Pink Sand Press was founded by passionate industry professionals with a commitment to one vision: supporting quality stories. The back of the house is run by David and a core development team of financial, tech, and marketing talent who share the Pink Sand dream: supporting talented authors grow their craft, their brands, and their readership.

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Steve has worked in finance for 30+ years with an expertise in entertainment. He heads the financial engine of Pink Sand that shares the Pink Sand dream: supporting talented authors grow their craft, their brands, and their readership.

Job Opportunities

If you are experienced, passionate, and have energy to bring to the work you do, we'd love to hear from you. We always welcome the opportunity to review the portfolios of marketing and social media professionals, designers (covers/art and production), and editorial applicants. Interested candidates may submit a resume, portfolio, a minimum of three industry references, as well as a cover letter that explains your interest in Pink Sand to: admin@pinksandpress.com.

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A Life Without Regrets

Healing Can Take a Lifetime...

Twenty-four years after losing her daughter in a tragic accident, Carol Denman has finally made peace with Katie’s father. But releasing her ex-husband from blame and facing how deeply she held herself responsible were only the first steps in Carol’s journey toward peace.

With the pain of her failed first marriage behind her, Carol is determined to mend her broken relationship with her mother. But she soon discovers she isn’t the only one who has been hanging on to bitterness. A road trip to face the past leads Carol’s mother, Judith, to unearth the seeds of past mistakes and deep resentments in ways neither of them would expect.

The roots of family animosity run deep and thick. While Judith seems hesitant to start digging, Carol commits to pruning away the thorns of the past so she no longer has to live a life without flowers.

News & Events

Pink Sand Press Acquires Marci Bolden

LOS ANGELES March 21, 2019---Pink Sand Press is pleased to announce a multi-book deal with author Marci Bolden. The HEARTS series, six full-length romantic suspense works, is scheduled for release in late Summer 2019.

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Marci Bolden Is Coming to Clear Lake Iowa

Marci Bolden, the pen name for Marci Clark, will make an appearance at the Northern Iowa Book Bash in Clear Lake. Bolden will be promoting her fourth book in her romance fiction series titled “Stonehill.”

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